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What Is Continental Breakfast?

What Is Continental Breakfast in dubai

Are you an early bird who loves to rise with the sun, or more of a brunch enthusiast who enjoys a leisurely start to the day? Well, whether you’re up at 7:00 am or not until noon, one thing’s for certain – breakfast is crucial! There is a noticeable shift in breakfast preferences lately, with more people opting for continental breakfast options over the traditional ‘Full-English’. This change is particularly evident in places like Restaurants & hotels in Dubai, where visitors expect a variety of food options during their stay. 

In this guide, we will look into where this breakfast style came from and explore some continental menu options.

What Is A Continental Breakfast?

A continental breakfast is just a light breakfast served in hotels or restaurants, usually including baked goods, jam, fruit, and coffee. These items are chosen because they can be easily stored and served in large quantities.

What’s the origin of the term Continental Breakfast?

It started in the UK in the mid-19th century, referring to European-style breakfasts. A “continental breakfast” is what you’d typically get in places like France and the Mediterranean. It’s a lighter, more subtle option compared to the full English breakfast, which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, beans, and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes.

Why do restaurants offer it?

These breakfast items are not only economical for restaurants, but they also require fewer staff to handle. It’s easier to manage a few trays of bagels, pastries, fruit, yogurt, and juice compared to making omelets and pancakes to order. While some restaurants offer a bigger breakfast, many stick to simpler options. People enjoy the convenience and value of free food.

What is included in a continental breakfast?

A continental breakfast is a light meal with pastries, fruits, toast, and coffee. It’s often served buffet-style, inspired by European breakfasts found in places like France. Continental breakfasts focus on simple foods that are easy to have available.

Why should you consider adding a Continental breakfast in your Menu?

Are you considering adding continental breakfast to your restaurant? Here are some reasons why offering a continental breakfast might be the best option for your restaurant.


Continental breakfast items like pastries, cereals, and bread are affordable, can be bought in bulk, and have a long shelf life. This means you can save time and money by not having to purchase or prepare fresh items every day.


Continental breakfasts are convenient for travelers who need a quick meal in the morning. This makes restaurants offering continental breakfasts more attractive to guests, leading to an increase in their revenue.


Since most continental breakfast items don’t need to be cooked, you’ll require minimal staff to handle the breakfast area. This flexibility allows you to serve breakfast in various spaces, such as a lobby or conference area.

The Best Continental Breakfast Option in Dubai

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